Welcome to the Flagstaff Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine

Established in 1986, The Flagstaff Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine is the oldest naturopathic clinic in Flagstaff. Patients at the Flagstaff Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine receive the best care possible from caring and knowledgeable doctors who possess among them decades of experience in working with patients and researching the latest approaches to good health.

The clinic offers complete family healthcare through the use of natural therapies. Our doctors meet regularly to discuss cases and collaborate on solutions to various problems our patients are experiencing while maintaining strict patient confidentiality. We provide high quality, individualized patient care in a friendly, comfortable environment.

No matter the concern, patients are in good hands with Dr. Emily Davenport.

Call (928) 498-8777 to schedule with Dr. Emily Davenport

Dr. Erin Victor has moved her practice to the east side of town

Her new address is 2615 N 4th St Suite 3 Flagstaff, AZ 86001

You can reach her office at 928-774-1770

Access the patient portal here.

Dear Flagstaff Clinic patients,

In the interest of streamlining our process for supplements, we have opened up an online ordering system for you to order supplements and have them delivered directly to your door within 2 days. Certain supplements will need to be ordered through the clinic, and most supplements can still be ordered through our office if you choose; we will just need a few business days for most orders. Please note that we will be cutting back on our inventory as we transition to this new system. We believe this method of obtaining supplements will be more convenient and efficient, so please sign up and find out what you can order by clicking on the picture below, or call 1-855-935-5382 to create an account. Shipping is free for orders over $49 and a flat rate of $4.95 for orders under that amount.

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