Dr. Davenport Maternity Leave

Emily Pregnancy Pic 2nd

Congratulations to Dr. Emily Davenport on the expected arrival of a baby girl in May!
We are so happy for her and her family, and are working hard to prepare for her maternity leave from May 11th until August 11th.  

Please schedule any pressing follow-up appointments with her in the next few weeks, and know that you will be in good hands with the covering physicians during her leave.

We are also advising patients to get prescription refills in and blood work done by April 20th.  This way Dr. Davenport has time to assess the medications to refill accordingly and she can follow up with you on any labs.

Your care is of the utmost importance to us and we will do everything we can to make her time away easy on everyone.

Updated Clinic Protocol; Having symptoms? Unsure of what they mean?

Vector of Coronavirus 2019-nCoV and Virus background with disease cells. COVID-19 Corona virus outbreaking and Pandemic medical health risk concept. Vector illustration eps 10

Updated Clinic Protocol

As the COVID-19 virus situation continues to progress, we want to share some updates we are adopting at the Flagstaff Clinic.

  • No walk-in’s of any kind are permitted, please call us first.  We are cleaning after each patient and staggering patient start times to avoid contact in the lobby. This includes any pick-ups (supplements, lab requisitions, etc.).
  • Most appointments are now telemedicine based.
  • In-person appointments will be scheduled ONLY for procedural & critical needs in an effort to limit COVID-19 exposure for everyone.
  • ALL med/supplement purchases are being processed via phone & placed in the box behind the office.  To purchase supplements online visit your doctor’s Wellevate account.
  • See our website link for Immune Support Strategies! Immune Support Strategies


  1. If you feel a sore throat coming on, keep in mind that the virus can remain in the throat for 3-4 days before passing into the lungs. Sipping warm/hot beverages every 15-20 minutes to thin mucus and support immune function through hydration. Avoid cold drinks. Dairy can thicken mucus production, avoid it if you have a sore throat.
  2. After 3-4 days, the virus may travel to the lungs, causing pneumonia in some.
  3. High fever and difficulty breathing may indicate pneumonia.
    • If at any point you have difficulty breathing, seek immediate medical attention.
    • For adults, take caution in choosing to reduce fever whenever possible as it is the body’s immune function at work. Seek guidance if you are unsure.
  4. The nasal congestion that COVID-19 patients experience may be more intense than normal.
  5. Children & Adolescents can exhibit atypical symptoms for COVID-19, seek medical attention if difficulty breathing, nasal flaring or retracted breathing begin.
  6. If you have been exposed to anyone with these symptoms in the last 14 days, please self-isolate.  You can get help from home for you and your loved ones, we are happy to help you make decisions if this becomes necessary.


  1. If you have a runny nose & sputum, it could be a common cold… it is still smart to isolate yourself, as the common flu weakens your immune function, making it difficult to handle other illnesses. Spreading this to others weakens them, too.
  2. A sore throat can signify COVID-19, but it could also be strep throat, postnasal drip from allergy season, a poor night’s sleep, dehydration, etc.  Drink warm fluids consistently through the day as recommended above, but it is not time for concern unless you are in a high-risk category.

Please don’t hesitate to set up a phone consult 

with your doctor. We have some excellent treatment 

protocols ready to go. If you have symptoms of any illness, 

isolation is best at this time.

Best thing you can do?

Preventative MaintenanceStay on top of your health by caring for yourself and any preexisting conditions you have.

  1. Stay super hydrated! Everyone should ensure your mouth & throat are moist, never dry. Take a few sips of water every 15 minutes at least.
  2. Don’t smoke anything.
  3. Viruses attach to hair and clothes! Bath directly after being in a store, avoid sitting in your home first. If you can’t wash your clothes daily, hang them in the sunshine.
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables; try to elevate zinc as well as vitamin C. Don’t rely solely on non-perishable foods as they will not nourish the vitamin/mineral needs of your body. Fresh and frozen produce is best.
  5. Don’t forget your contraception…do I sense a baby boom on the horizon? 😉

Immune Support Strategies

alternative herb medicine with herbal the organic natural in the laboratory. oil capsule, natural organic.food nutrition healthy and wellness.

BEYOND THE CDC – The Naturopathic Approach: Immune Support 

If you have any the following preexisting health conditions you may be at a higher risk of developing complications from COVID-19: autoimmune disease, are taking immunosuppressant medication, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD, steroids or are undergoing chemotherapy.  We can create individualized protocols for you if you fit into the high risk category.  Please call to schedule a phone appointment.  928-774-1770

Below are respiratory & immune boosting strategies for prevention for adults.  Pregnant or breastfeeding women and children can call the clinic for a modified protocol that is age/weight appropriate.  Before using the below immune protocol, consult with your healthcare provider to be sure these nutrients are safe for your condition and will not interfere with your medications.  We are happy to do phone consults if you are unsure.

Adult ​​​​Short term protocol: 1-3 months max

  1. Good Hydration –  Stanford hospital board reported hydration is currently the #1 treatment because it helps keep your mucus thinned and flowing instead of stuck and congested.  Always keep mouth and throat moist, never dry, by taking a few sips of water every 15 minutes.  Drinking warm water will move the virus down your GI tract where your stomach acid will kill it versus down your airways.  Gargling with warm water nightly will help support the mucosa of your mouth and throat.  Recommended daily dose of water = 1/2 your body weight in ounces.
  2. Mucolytics
    1. NAC or Mucinex (guaifenesin without dextromethorphan)
      1. Mucinex (NOT DM) 500mg 2x daily with at least 16 ounces of water
      2. NAC 500-1000mg 3x daily with meals
    2. What NOT to take – Sudafed, Dayquil pseudoephedrine containing medications will dry out your mucus membranes rather than help your body’s natural immune function by allowing mucus to flow.
  3. Vitamin C 1000mg 3x daily with meals to bowel tolerance.
  4. Zinc 15mg 3x daily with food.
    1. Vitamin Code Raw Zinc by Garden of Life will not make you nauseous if lozenges make you nauseous.
  5. Vitamin D3 5,000 – 10,000 IU daily with food.
  6. Vitamin A 25,000 IU daily with food (this is not a safe dose for children or pregnant women).  Symptoms of sudden vitamin A overdose include increased pressure in the space between the skull and the brain, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and skin peeling.
  7. Elderberry Syrup 1 tablespoon 3x daily with food.
    1. Though controversial for a time based most effective part of plant for COVID-19 however, the resolution is that it is still benefitial.
  8. Probiotics – 1 cap 3x daily with food.

Echinacea is not recommended in autoimmune diseases, and if taken is only beneficial in the first few days.

You can order the above supplements from Wellevate, our online dispensary through your doctor’s link:

Dietary Considerations

  • Avoid sugar and alcohol as they will deplete your immune function for 4-6 hours after 1 serving.  This gives the virus a headstart while you immune system is suppressed.
  • Avoid dairy products if you get sick as regardless of allergy, it is mucus forming and will thicken your mucus.
  • DO EAT more brightly colored vegetables and fruits for the antioxidants and nutrient dense vitamins & minerals they provide to support every body system.

Lifestyle Consideration

  • Good Sleep Hygiene is your first defense – ideally 8-10 hours per night.
  • Fresh air is key for mental health and lung function, get outside and get some exercise daily. Change the air over in your house as well to release toxins and carbon dioxide that build up from cooking and breathing.
  • Warming sock treatment – home hydrotherapy.  Click this link for how to do yours at home.  WarmingSocksSelfCare.docx

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

If you have any questions related to your existing appointment or to schedule a new appointment, please call us at 928-774-1770.

Thank you for doing your part by following the CDC recommendations and those set forth by the Flagstaff Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine.

Stay healthy and hydrated.  We are here for you.


Spring Cleanse Your Body & Mind with FCNM

spring cleanse 2

By Dr. Julie Nowak-Stears

It is not a question of whether you’ve been exposed to toxins – the question is whether these exposures are significantly impacting your health.  A detoxification or cleansing program is one way to help determine if this is the case.

Detoxification and cleansing are used to stimulate and support all the body’s means of processing and eliminating hormones, chemicals and other substances that we are exposed to daily, aiding the body in getting rid of unwanted substances.

Because we are continually being exposed to toxins in our food, water, air and environment, our organs of elimination become overburdened and our cells become storage bins for these toxins.

The following are some health conditions that can be aided by supporting the body’s ability to detoxify:

  • Allergies
  • Chemical sensitivity
  • Digestive problems such as irritable bowl syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Hormonal issues:  PMS and menopausal symptoms
  • Skin conditions: acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Chronic headaches

A detox cleansing program is beneficial for almost anyone wanting to improve their health.

In a nutshell, detoxification means cleansing. This is done by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The other organs of elimination–kidneys, lungs, bowels and skin–can get sluggish over time and this can lead to disease in the body.

If you think about it, your elimination organs are working 24/7 without rest. They occasionally need some respite, much in the same way we need to sleep to recharge and energize our bodies on a daily basis. This is where detoxification can play a vital role in how well they do their individual jobs and collectively contribute to overall health and supporting your immune system.

At the Flagstaff Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine, we are all about empowering you with tools to have amazing health at any age. Every spring and fall, we office a doctor-guided cleanse, and April is our cleanse month!

For 4 weeks, we will meet every Monday night in a small group setting for education and encouragement from one of our doctors, helping you navigate through the cleanse process. You will be equipped with knowledge, supplements, and tools to clear the built-up toxins from your body, as well as a “cleanse buddy” for daily inspiration and encouragement.

The Spring cleanse is super affordable, and designed to allow you to continue with your normal daily schedule. What it requires from you is determination and commitment not only to your health, but to participation in the cleanse process.

The best part of all? IT WORKS!  Invest in your health by developing an annual cleanse program into your lifestyle.

Sign Me Up for the Seasonal Cleanse

Don’t delay as the first class is Monday April 6th and class size is limited.

Heart Health Begins in Childhood


More American adults than ever before are struggling with obesity and diabetes. If this is any indication of the future for our children, our nation is in real trouble.  One in 5 youths have some form of high cholesterol, with a higher prevalence in girls than boys.  While our children are still under our roofs we have the unique opportunity to teach them healthy eating habits in two ways: providing only healthy snacks at home and eating only healthy foods ourselves.

Skip the Sugar, altogether whenever possible:

Sugar and simple carbs (anything made from a ground grain, including corn) raise blood glucose levels.  Our bodies, always in preparation for starvation, store excess  glucose as fat (triglycerides).  Over time, high triglyceride levels elevate other forms of cholesterol, thus creating the beginnings of deposition of fatty streaks in arteries and insulin resistance, the precursor to diabetes.

How much sugar is ok? Naturally occurring sugar in fruit is not free sugar and is ok to eat. Otherwise, follow the guidelines below:

    • Adults max 30g of free sugar a day, (roughly equivalent to 7 sugar cubes).
    • Children aged 7 to 10  no more than 24g of free sugars a day (6 sugar cubes).
    • Children aged 4 to 6 have no more than 19g of free sugars a day (5 sugar cubes).
    • Toddlers and young children do not need anything more than fruit or honey as a sweetener in daily life.  REALLY avoid those sweetened drinks and sodas.  You will find they are better behaved and happier generally because they don’t feel out of control from sugar highs.

What sugars are best? Honey & maple syrup have minerals and vitamins other things don’t.

Healthy Fats will NOT make you fat, sugar will:

Healthy fats protect the brain and nervous system. They are also the backbone of all our sterol hormones and the lining of every cell in our bodies.  Children’s brains are growing exponentially faster than adults, so their need for healthy fats is higher.  Including healthy fat in every meal and snack will ensure stabilization of blood sugar, leaving our kids feeling satisfied after eating with great energy to play and learn. Here is a simple healthy fat guide:

Oils to Eat Daily

    • Avocado & avocado oil
    • Coconut products (Not to be confused with palm)
    • Fish (smaller fish accumulate less toxicity because their lifespan is shorter)
    • Dairy products from healthy animals; avoid low fat & fat-free products.
    • Meats – healthy animals = healthy fat ratios = healthy hearts.
      • Grass fed/grass finished beef
    • Nuts & Seeds are full of healthy Omega’s
    • Eggs from healthy chickens who ate bugs and worms,  got sunshine daily and exercise as they would naturally in nature.

Oils to avoid:

    • Canola
    • Trans-fats and hydrogenated oils,
    • Foods that are fried, especially deep-fried
    • Shortening
    • Margarine
    • Fats from diabetic or unhealthy animals that were likely corn fed to fatten them up at the end of life.

Avoiding unhealthy fats and an abundance of added sugars can save your children from a lifetime of health issues including diabetes, obesity, arterial plaque and inflammation.  Children who eat healthy balanced diets have stronger immune systems, greater emotional stability, learn more effectively, behave better, and have more energy for healthy outlets.



What is the recommended daily sugar intake?


Naturopathic Kids Corner

by Dr. Erin Victor

winter kids backgroundsImmune Health through the Winter Months

It is normal for children to get sick 2-3x a year, which helps develop their immune competence.  It is abnormal for children to get sick more often or for them to be chronically ill with colds, ear infections, strep throat, post nasal drip/runny noses etc.

When a child is consistently sick, we need to look deeper to discover the underlying obstacles that are draining the child’s ability to mount a sufficient immune response to overcome the infection fully.

Here are a few wonderful tools you can try to help strengthen your child’s immune function beyond the basics of washing hands & avoidance:

  • Vitamin D3 – In a cold climate like Flagstaff, vitamin D absorption is at an all-time low for kids and adults alike.  Consider adding this powerful vitamin to your child’s daily regime to improve immune function and prevent future illness.  As with any vitamin or mineral, check weight ranges to find the right dose for your child.
  • Elderberry syrup – Rich in antioxidants, anthocyanidins and vitamin C, this delicious syrup proves itself repeatedly in stimulating antiviral immunity and supporting a healthy immune response.  Dosing for prevention is typically 1/2 tsp daily in children over 2 years old.  In sickness, 1 tsp 3x daily to aid the immune fight.
  • Probiotics – Invite in the healthy flora to keep the “bad bugs” from finding a foothold.  Healthy flora should abundantly line the respiratory, GI and urinary tracts.  In children who have had multiple antibiotic rounds or a high stress environment, it is difficult for their systems to reestablish normal flora levels.  Probiotics are a simple & inexpensive way to rebalance the most profound areas of immune function.
    • Make sure you get a product that contains bacteria in the billions and has two or more varieties of microbes.  To test whether the microbes are alive, open a capsule in a small amount of milk overnight in a warm place.  If it is not curdled in the morning, the microbes are dead.  Take it back to the store.
  • Sugar avoidance – Did you know that 1 serving of sugar inhibits immune function for up to 4-6 hours after ingestion?  Imagine that happening at a birthday party, church function or at school during lunch when your child’s immunity is most at risk for exposure.  Avoid sugar and corn syrup in favor of fruit and even dried fruits, which are just as sweet and lack the immune inhibition side effects.

We have many other tools and informative laboratory tests that can assist in digging deeper if your child is not responding to basic immune support.  Contact a naturopathic doctor in your area to identify potential immune draining obstacles in your child’s life.

*As with any medication or vitamin supplement, check with your doctor to make sure this treatment is appropriate for your child’s specific condition.


First Friday Doc Talk

Join us on the first Friday of each month! We have in-person presentations on various health topics at 5 p.m. at the clinic.

Healthy food in heart diet concept with stethoscope

Friday, February 7th

5:00 p.m. 1 in 3 women in Flagstaff have or will develop heart disease this year.  Learn how you can prevent it with Dr. Emily Davenport’s talk Heart Health & Hormones.​​

5:30 p.m. WINE: Clean-Crafted vs. Mass Produced with Nicole Halverson

  • Wine Tasting – with Nicole from Scout & Cellar, producers of organic,Wine Tasting  biodynamic wines that are free from added chemicals, sugars, and vegan wines. Scout & Cellar Wine Web Link
  • Click to RSVP if you want to attend the wine tasting.

D: The Once Toxic Vitamin

VitaminD Deficiency vector

By Dr. Emily Davenport

Right around the time I was entering medical school Vitamin D went from being a nasty nutrient to becoming one of the most important supplements you can take. While it is true that too much Vitamin D can be toxic, researchers have shown that we can prevent 1 million deaths worldwide just by increasing D3 in our bodies.

Having checked Vitamin D levels on a few thousand patients, I have seen only four normal readings.  Everyone else was sorely depleted. Vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic.  Proper testing is imperative since the only way to know what dose is right for you is to check your levels to get a baseline, again after starting a regimen of D3, and frequently thereafter. The need and dosage vary greatly from person to person. I have seen a girl who only needed 400 IU and a gentleman who needed as much as 20,000 IU per day, and everything in between. It is also important not to follow guidelines provided by the lab that suggest we should all be above 20 or 30 ng/ml since the research shows that 40 ng/ml is the minimum and that 60-80 ng/ml is ideal.

Getting enough Vitamin D in the winter is more difficult.  The days are shorter so we are exposed to less sunshine, the source of some of our Vitamin D.  Often people will have to increase their dosage in the winter months to receive the long list of benefits of D, including cancer and heart disease prevention.  This lower level of D3 could also be the culprit for seasonal affective disorder, or S.A.D.  Studies have shown that people with lower D3 are eleven times more prone to be depressed.

We do the proper and thorough testing at Flagstaff Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine.  If you are concerned about your vitamin D  please schedule an appointment.