Holly White

Holly owns and operates her business, Holly White Health. She began her small business in 2016 working with clients in a private yoga setting, helping them work through physical or emotional scarring by quieting the mind, listening to the subtleties of the body, and opening the heart to positive change. After Holly completed her Holistic Wellness Practitioner degree, she transitioned the focus of the business to Trauma-Informed Health and Life Coaching and Personal Training. Holly centers her clients’ pathways to well-being around their individual needs, their history, and their unique gifts. The only blanketed goal among all clients is to strive for intuitive eating and movement in daily life, releasing diet culture, toxic food and exercise stigmas, and damaging belief systems. It’s Holly’s life work to constantly learn and grow with others as we move away from destructive methodologies created by modern society and root back into an all-inclusive, intuitive journey to holistic well-being through the time-honored ways of our ancestors, human connection to nature, and remembering to trust our inner knowing.

Holly was born and raised in Flagstaff, with the added fortune of traveling the world to learn new trades and embrace other cultures. Holly’s main focus is Trauma-Informed Intuition Coaching, in which she uses her own intuitive guidance to help others engage their intuition more clearly, transform their trauma into empowerment, and make long lasting positive changes to their life. Utilizing her array of degrees and certifications in health and wellness, Holly shines light on alternative methods of healing by relating behavior patterns and physical/emotional inflictions to our truest version of self and fated life purpose.

Holly’s certifications and education include a Bachelor of Science in Botany and Mycology, a specialized degree as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, a national certification in Fitness and Nutrition, Personal Training, and Behavior Change, a globally recognized 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Yoga Alliance, and an Associates degree in Spanish.