Updated Clinic Protocol

As the COVID-19 virus situation continues to progress, we want to share some updates we are adopting at the Flagstaff Clinic.

  • No walk-in’s of any kind are permitted, please call us first.  We are cleaning after each patient and staggering patient start times to avoid contact in the lobby. This includes any pick-ups (supplements, lab requisitions, etc.).
  • Most appointments are now telemedicine based.
  • In-person appointments will be scheduled ONLY for procedural & critical needs in an effort to limit COVID-19 exposure for everyone.
  • ALL med/supplement purchases are being processed via phone & placed in the box behind the office.  To purchase supplements online visit your doctor’s Wellevate account.


  1. If you feel a sore throat coming on, keep in mind that the virus can remain in the throat for 3-4 days before passing into the lungs. Sipping warm/hot beverages every 15-20 minutes to thin mucus and support immune function through hydration. Avoid cold drinks. Dairy can thicken mucus production, avoid it if you have a sore throat.
  2. After 3-4 days, the virus may travel to the lungs, causing pneumonia in some.
  3. High fever and difficulty breathing may indicate pneumonia.
    • If at any point you have difficulty breathing, seek immediate medical attention.
    • For adults, take caution in choosing to reduce fever whenever possible as it is the body’s immune function at work. Seek guidance if you are unsure.
  4. The nasal congestion that COVID-19 patients experience may be more intense than normal.
  5. Children & Adolescents can exhibit atypical symptoms for COVID-19, seek medical attention if difficulty breathing, nasal flaring or retracted breathing begin.
  6. If you have been exposed to anyone with these symptoms in the last 14 days, please self-isolate.  You can get help from home for you and your loved ones, we are happy to help you make decisions if this becomes necessary.


  1. If you have a runny nose & sputum, it could be a common cold… it is still smart to isolate yourself, as the common flu weakens your immune function, making it difficult to handle other illnesses. Spreading this to others weakens them, too.
  2. A sore throat can signify COVID-19, but it could also be strep throat, postnasal drip from allergy season, a poor night’s sleep, dehydration, etc.  Drink warm fluids consistently through the day as recommended above, but it is not time for concern unless you are in a high-risk category.

Please don’t hesitate to set up a phone consult 

with your doctor. We have some excellent treatment 

protocols ready to go. If you have symptoms of any illness, 

isolation is best at this time.

Best thing you can do?

Preventative MaintenanceStay on top of your health by caring for yourself and any preexisting conditions you have.

  1. Stay super hydrated! Everyone should ensure your mouth & throat are moist, never dry. Take a few sips of water every 15 minutes at least.
  2. Don’t smoke anything.
  3. Viruses attach to hair and clothes! Bath directly after being in a store, avoid sitting in your home first. If you can’t wash your clothes daily, hang them in the sunshine.
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables; try to elevate zinc as well as vitamin C. Don’t rely solely on non-perishable foods as they will not nourish the vitamin/mineral needs of your body. Fresh and frozen produce is best.
  5. Don’t forget your contraception…do I sense a baby boom on the horizon? 😉
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